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Sports coaching

Achieving your potential in sport is partly about developing and honing your skills and techniques and partly about being fully mentally prepared. The mental side of sport performance is often ignored and yet it can make all the difference between success and disappointment, or even enjoyment and drudgery.

In team sports the way in which the team gel together and understand each other is key in giving you the edge – and this is much more than how they rely on each other in particular sport moves. Individual issues such as motivation and reasons for being part of the team have a significant impact on how the team come together, and trust is probably the key ingredient of a successful team. Time spent together off ‘the field of play’ exploring these and other top team traits can reap significant rewards.

By using techniques from applied psychology and hypnosis, many common concerns can be overcome, including doubts, fears, lack of confidence, boredom and lack of motivation.   Addressing the mental aspects of sport, whether as an amateur or a professional, can re-kindle the joy of sport and increase the chances of you performing to the very best of your capabilities.