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Presentations with impact

Have you had presentation training but still lose sleep over presenting? Do you wish you could enjoy yourself when speaking in public?

We have a distinctive approach, borrowing understanding and techniques from theatre as well as psychology, which brings out the best in you while ensuring you feel comfortable presenting and, unusually, focuses on the relationship between you as the speaker and the audience.

We begin by looking at the energy, tone and rhythms of your speech and the body language you instinctively use. Having gained a deeper awareness of the way you express yourself, we help you gain access – at will – to the powerful, authentic you.

Our support with presentation skills can be undertaken as a group training or individually tailored to your requirements through a coaching programme. Whichever route suits you or your organisation best by the end of the programme you will have:

  • confidence in yourself as a speaker with all audiences;
  • a set of tools used by professional actors to prepare physically and vocally;
  • a strong awareness of who you are at your most inspired;
  • resourcefulness in the face of adversity e.g. nerves, difficult questions, giving bad news;
  • an understanding of how to engage the audience and keep them engaged; and
  • found a joy in presenting.