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Organisation development

There are a number of different terms that are used, almost interchangeably, to cover change activity in organisations, including organisational development (OD) and culture change. We at Embrace Success are not interested in the title used but only in how an organisation, division or team, as a system, can achieve the new and different results they seek. The key term is ‘system’. Organisations are complex systems and any change activity has to embrace that fact and take into account the impact on all elements of the system.

Many major change programmes do not deliver the expected or promised benefits and frequently this comes down to focusing on managing a ‘process’ and ignoring what’s really going on. There are a number of change models which are helpful to bear in mind but real, sustainable change comes about from capturing hearts and minds of the people – it comes from motivating everyone in the organisation to contribute to making it happen. Change comes from within the organisation – it cannot be successfully imposed from outside.

We support you to bring about change for yourselves – we provide the knowledge and understanding of the theories and models but, more importantly, the understanding of the psychology of change and the steps to take to overcome resistance. We support you to bring the change about – it is a ‘work alongside’ rather than a ‘do to’ approach.