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Leadership development

What is leadership? Are leaders born or made? How is leadership different from management? Are there skills that can be learned? Is it just about having a leadership position? Such a simple concept – fundamentally it’s about having a vision and being able to inspire or influence others to follow you – but there are so many questions.

A true leader understands there’s a ‘what to do’ element to leadership and, more importantly, a ‘how to do it’ part. There are some skills which can be learned, but essentially leadership is about understanding who you are as a person; what drives you, what’s important to you and being comfortable and authentic as a leader – it’s an ‘inside-out’ activity.

Each person’s and organisation’s needs are different when it comes to leadership development, hence we do not run ‘off-the-shelf’ leadership development programmes. We would want to understand your requirements fully before making suggestions and developing a bespoke programme of activities – group and/or individual – to ensure you achieve the results you desire.