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Large group interventions

There are occasions when participation and collaboration of many people, often with different perspectives, is required to produce change – for example process re-design, organisational change or post-acquisition integration. It can often be far more effective, and certainly more cost effective, to bring all the stakeholders together at the same time.

There are tried and tested processes that allow broad contribution, collaboration and commitment to action, for groups ranging from 20 to many hundreds.  Furthermore, this can be in one location or many, spread over different continents if required. Typically many small workshops have been used in these situations but processes such as Open Space, World Café, Future Search or Appreciative Inquiry Summit can stimulate and bring about change across a whole organisation or system.

Embrace Success facilitators are trained to deliver these interventions and would be pleased to discuss with you the best approach(es) to use to meet your objectives. We can run your event for you or can work as ‘shadow consultants’, allowing you to front your own event with the confidence that you are using the most up-to-date and effective methods available.