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The effectiveness of a business meeting can be boosted if it is facilitated by an objective, independent, third party. Good facilitation releases creativity, improves decision-making and productivity through open exploration and challenge. ideally this is all done within a collaborative process that engages and energises the group. It allows all participants, including any hierarchical leaders present, to contribute fully to the business discussion without concerns about the process itself.

We help design agendas and then run meetings by providing the necessary structure and discipline to achieve the desired outcomes. This often requires considerable flexibility and experience to allow participants to respond to the unexpected. An aware and knowledgeable facilitator is able to observe and respond to how the participants are interacting with one another and manage the group dynamics to encourage broad participation and decision-making.

We have facilitated meetings as short as an hour and as long as three days; from pairs, through small groups to many hundreds of people (see also Large Group Interventions). We can also advise on the types of off-site locations that suit your requirements.