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There are times when an individual or a team (be it business executives or footballers) need assistance to deal with what may be a stressful situation, a period of unusually rapid change, the delivery of a specific task or project or simply overcoming a sense of being “stuck”. It happens to all of us at some time in our working lives.

Our coaches work as agents of change; they are not issuing instructions to bring change about. We facilitate the client discovering for themselves the changes necessary to help them work more effectively and unleash their full potential. We support and challenge our clients to achieve significant results, often exceeding their own performance expectations.

We work with individuals and teams in both corporate and sporting environments. Our typical approach is to hold a series of meetings (or phone conversations) in a confidential environment, following an agenda set by the client. All coaching is outcome oriented, encompassing deep reflection as well as action.

We adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics.                   International Coach Federation