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Team coaching

A City-based market-facilitating institution.

The client faced a fundamental change in organisation culture as a result of a change in its role. Going forward, individuals faced a radical upgrade in their expected performance parameters, onto a much more commercial framework. Embrace Success was asked to work with the senior management team of a new division, collectively, augmented by individual coaching where appropriate. The main objective was to develop a cohesive and harmonious team that would work effectively together; the “whole” being greater than the sum of the parts.

Over a period of a few months, a variety of tools (including 360 degree and self-assessment) were used to encourage the team to develop mutual respect and appreciate one another’s style differences, individuals’ strengths and what each brings to the team. The team was then encouraged to assess where the problems lay and prioritise the issues to focus on. This included accelerating them through a four-step team development; Team Form (purpose), Storm (rivalries), Norm (some agreement and working together) and Perform (with cooperation).

One challenge was to ensure that this is done in a controlled manner, so that it did not become destructive, the objective being to leave the team in a self-managing and renewing mindset in what was a challenging environment.