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Individual coaching

1.   A large cancer charity.

A Board member of the client accepted a significantly expanded role which tasked her with bringing about major organisation change. Not only would she have to manage her own workload (which included team restructuring), but she would also have to manage a doubling in her direct reports.

The client appreciated that to maintain her effectiveness she would, in future, have to work at a very different level. Embrace Success was brought in to help her achieve this, via a series of monthly coaching sessions. The outcome was not only were the clients objectives met, but she then became the acting CEO with an even wider role.

2.   A City law firm.

A large international law firm provided short-term coaching for new partners to accelerate the transition to partner. Each individuals’ outcomes varied but often covered building confidence around new business development, how to handle changed relationships with colleagues and the ‘what next?’ that comes after achieving a long-held goal. Often we explored what it meant to them to ‘be a partner’ – clarifying a new sense of identity in the business environment. This exploration and challenge enabled the lawyers to contribute in their new roles more effectively.

3.   A triathlete.

A triathlete undertook mental sports coaching to re-discover their motivation and enthusiasm for training. They had been finding it hard to fit training into their busy working life and as a result it had become a chore. The coaching re-engaged the individual with their image of themselves as a triathlete and their love of the sport. It also supported them to re-assess which elements of the training were critical to their success so they could identify a training schedule that felt energising rather than draining.