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1.   A reinsurer, part owned by a major investment bank.

Embrace Success was asked to facilitate a one day offsite event comprising the client’s executive team. The team was faced with the challenge of needing to move from being a start-up to becoming fully operational. Given this, during the offsite the strategy was confirmed (some refinements were identified) and the roles and responsibilities of each individual, and the dynamics within the team, were clarified. A decision-making path was then identified to facilitate the move into the operational phase, along with the steps required to embed this into the systems and processes. 

The outcome was that individuals were left with a clear understanding of what their roles and responsibilities were, and how, over the next 12 months, they fit into the direction of travel for the business.

2.   FTSE 100 insurance company.

The client had already undergone significant organisation change, but two teams were left organisationally separate but needing to work closely together. Embrace Success was asked to facilitate this happening.

Our approach was to develop, with the management of each team, an array of systems, processes and working practices that led to a better understanding of the issues between each team and an understanding of their inter-dependencies, particularly in respect of their delivery responsibilities to one another. An appreciation emerged of the importance of on-time delivery to one another, and the impact of failing to do so, and with this came acceptance of the need to be held accountable.

The outcome was a dramatic improvement in collaborative cross-team working.

3.   FTSE 100 insurance and asset management group.

Hilary was asked to facilitate a two day meeting of 18 of the client’s global senior executives. The objectives were to clarify and agree the global strategy, and identify and prioritise the issues around delivery in each of the four global regions.  

The opportunity to discuss the strategy and priority differences was seized; it resulted in a marked increase in collaboration amongst the executives, focused on delivering the key planks of the strategy.  One other significant outcome was greater clarity in respect of where accountabilities lay.