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Culture change

1.   UK-based finance division of a global French insurance group.

Following some poor results in an employee engagement survey, the client recognised that some external assistance was required. A series of participative workshops were designed and delivered, working with 120 people and spread over two months. The objectives were to encourage the staff to become more engaged with the company and to be open to change. 

The workshops focused on the benefits of assuming more responsibility and demonstrating greater self-awareness.  The outcome was that people developed a higher sense of their individual and collective roles in shaping their working environment. This led to staff facilitating change themselves rather than needing change to be imposed upon them.

A similar project has also been completed with one of Switzerland’s largest financial services companies.

2.   One of the world’s largest entertainment companies.

The client approached Hilary after conducting a cultural survey on some of its staff. This had identified a number of specific issues, but the company was unsure of how to respond. Hilary developed a series of actions for implementation and then, 18 months after the initial survey, worked with the company to assess progress by re-measuring the cultural character of the same group of staff. A dramatic improvement was evident in the manner in which the staff viewed the company, and further work has now been commissioned.