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To date, most of our clients, individuals and organisations, have come from either the financial services arena or are providers of professional services to it, including actuaries, lawyers and IT specialists.  We have worked with clients at both ends of the corporate scale, ranging from companies in their start up phase to global businesses, including FTSE 100 and major European asset managers, banking groups and insurance companies.

The majority of our individual clients are professional people, perhaps wrestling with a change in circumstance. They may, for example, have been recently promoted and whereas, hitherto, they have performed predominately technical roles, they now find themselves in managerial positions where strategic thinking, team management and inter-personal skills are more in demand.

We have also worked with clients in the third (i.e. voluntary) sector, and would like to do more here, and also venture into the public sector.

Our case studies provide a little more flavour for what we actually do with our clients, and the testimonials shed some (independent) light on what they think of us.