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Hilary Johnson

hillaryHilary is a coach, facilitator and advisor to individuals, teams and organisations.

She has a business background of more than 20 years in financial services, originally qualifying and working as an actuary in insurance and banking organisations, both in the UK and Australia. Broadening her business experience, Hilary moved into marketing, working as a consultant and sitting on the Board of City Financial Marketing. In this role she advised a number of banks and building societies on their new insurance launch strategies. She has also developed marketing strategies and product launches for many financial services organisations.

It was whilst working as a consultant that Hilary became fascinated by what makes some organisations so much better at delivering innovation and transformation than others. The realisation that the relationship dynamics of the leadership team and the culture of the organisation are the true drivers of success prompted a personal journey into understanding ‘how people and organisations tick’.

In recent years Hilary has supported organisations such as GAM, Zurich Financial Services, KPMG, Lloyd’s, AXA and Disney on cultural, business, motivational and inter-relationship issues, with both individuals and teams. Her passion in working as a coach and facilitator is to be a catalyst for transformational change so that the individuals and teams she works with can make a real difference for themselves and their organisations.

Hilary regularly speaks at conferences on leadership, communication and related subjects, and having undertaken sport to a high level (initially as a swimmer, now competing in marathons), she understands the motivation and discipline aspects of top-level performance. Hilary enjoys sailing, skiing and mountain walking, along with her husband and two children.